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 Jueves, 17 de junio del 2021

Continúa la remoción del grupo Quimera. La guerra entre las fuerzas de la Luz y la oscuridad por las bases subterráneas de la Quimera está en su apogeo, y se espera que las batallas decisivas que terminen en las fuerzas de la Luz liberando las bases ocurra pronto.

El complejo subterráneo Quimera que se extiende por debajo de la parte central del este del Congo y por debajo de la mayor parte de Ruanda y Burundi aún no ha sido liberado, y los rehenes capturados allí y en otras bases aún necesitan nuestra ayuda con la meditación :

Esta guerra subterránea se precipita a la superficie como terremotos y erupciones volcánicas:

La energía de La Diosa es suave pero, es el poder supremo.

Galactic Confederation fleet, especially Ashtar Command, Pleiadian and Sirian fleet, are moving closer to the surface of planet and Mjolnir (quantum cannon) weapons are now deployed in Near Earth Orbit in icosahedral formation to continue clearing quantum anomaly and all dark force exotic weapons in all surface and subsurface layers of the planet, physical and non-physical.

Mjolnir is particularly targeting etheric scalar weapons grid which was created by the Orion dark forces during the invasion of 1996.

Scalar waves are produced when two opposing waves of the same frequency exactly cancel out each other:

They can be misused to create strong etheric fields that can capture souls after they leave their physical body through the death process, and this capture is exactly what happens to most humans on the surface and most hostages in underground bases.

Also, scalar fields can be misused to attack Lightworkers and to induce emotional pain, energetic discomfort and also physical pain by triggering central nervous system.

As Light Forces progress toward the surface, the dark are attacking key Lightworkers with those scalar weapons, falsely hoping that this will slow the progress of the Galactic Confederation fleet.

The main thing slowing the progress of the Confederation fleet is the so called subquantum anomaly. Subquantum anomaly is the part of quantum anomaly which extends throughout the whole universe on scales smaller than Planck length (10 e-35 meters) and can not be detected by any means, according to the so-called trans-Planckian censorship conjecture:

This practically means that the Light forces can not detect it, even in their Ascended state, they can only guess its effects after it begins to influence objects larger than Planck length, so basically all particles and waveforms in our universe. The Orion dark force scientists have learned through experiments spanning many millennia and sometimes even millions of years how to trigger subquantum anomaly to produce anomalous effects in our universe. Throughout the universe, this can only produce a very thin quantum fog, whereas close to the surface of this planet it triggers serious quantum anomaly which significantly hinders the progress of the Confederation fleet and also significantly decreases the efficiency of the Light forces in general. They are now fully addressing this problem and there are already signs of progress.


The most dangerous phase of the planetary liberation war lasted from December 2017 to May 2021 and things are finally beginning to look a bit better now, although the danger is far from over.

As a positive sign on the surface of the planet, the Syrian goddess vortex shows signs of healing:

Drastic military escalation in Israel and Gaza was prevented, with the help of Egyptian positive factions, with the help of our meditation, and other factors:

There are some signs of escalation again, and if they persist, you may continue with the above meditation if you feel so guided.

Mainstream media are finally beginning to talk about the laboratory origins of covid:

Which was created in cooperation between China and USA:

It was created as a trigger defense mechanism against the progress of the Light forces in planetary liberation, and dark forces are threatening to release more viruses if Light forces continue to progress:

Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and others are being exposed for their role in the creation of the pandemic, and will answer for their crimes against humanity:

Fauci threatening people wishing to expose him will not stop the exposure:

Connections between Bill Gates, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are being explored:

Here it is interesting to note that Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine’s father, was involved in the PROMIS scandal which included putting backdoors in all Windows based computers on the planet, feeding data to Israeli intelligence agencies:

PROMIS software is now outdated and has been evolved further, livestreaming data about the surface population:

This data is being processed by the Israeli Intelligence agency, called Unit 8200, at Urim base:

And by NSA here:

Both Urim base and Utah data center have been hacked by the Resistance on June 8th and that led to internet outages worldwide and to some speculations:

Chimera-controlled DARPA and other agencies still keep developing nanotechnology biochips:

And protein based bioweapons for mind control:

And micro biochips:

The spread of many rumors and disinfo on various internet sites has reached such proportions that some of those items need to be addressed.

Primero, Ashtar es un ser de luz, NO hay un Comando Ashtar negativo y NO están involucrados en ningún tipo de traición.

En segundo lugar, las camas medicinales NO se introducirán a la población de la superficie antes del Evento y NO están relacionados con las cámaras de taquiones en absoluto.

En tercer lugar, las únicas cámaras de taquiones verdaderas se enumeran en el sitio web, y muchas otras personas que afirman construir cámaras de taquiones o incluso entregar planos para esas cámaras no están diciendo la verdad. En la superficie de este planeta, una cámara de taquiones funcional necesita un enlace ascendente cuántico a un satélite en órbita o una estación espacial.

Existe un determinado proyecto con cámaras de taquiones, y propietarios de las cámaras de taquiones que deseen participar, pueden contactar Deben ser conscientes de que para participar en el proyecto, su cámara no estará disponible para sesiones de curación durante al menos unos meses. La participación en este proyecto es completamente voluntaria.

Cuarto, un breve descargo de responsabilidad. No participo en ninguna actividad de una persona llamada Manuela Tayara, ni tampoco ella recibe ninguna instrucción mía.

Quinto, los grupos de la Hermandad de la Rosa todavía necesitan formarse en todo el mundo, para anclar la mayor cantidad de energía de La Diosa posible.

Y lo más importante, las Fuerzas de la Luz han comunicado que las energías de las guerras que se libraron en la superficie del planeta durante milenios finalmente necesitan ser curadas, y que las almas aún atrapadas en el trauma de la guerra sean liberadas.

Por esta razón, las piedras cintamani deben plantarse en los lugares de todos los principales campos de batalla del pasado:

Las Fuerzas de la Luz también han comunicado que la línea de tiempo de la Guerra de los Treinta Años (1618-1648) debe curarse, y las piedras cintamani deben colocarse en las áreas clave y los campos de batalla de esta guerra, ya que este fue uno de los conflictos más brutales en la historia humana:

Con este nodo de la línea de tiempo resuelto, se liberará mucha energía curativa en la superficie del planeta.

¡Victoria de la luz!

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